{Turkish food| Cuisine from Turkey} {is always a bit hit and miss|is always amazing depending where you eat it|can be the best food you have ever eaten|is sometimes quite scary to eat in a new place}, {it is|it’s|sometimes its|sometimes it’s} {quite|very|somewhat} {difficult|hard|disconcerting} {to find|finding|locating|pinning down} a {alright|good|decent} turkish {restaurant|steak place|kebab place|meatery} in Dubai, let alone {a great one|one you will remember|a memorable one|one that will impress}. {This is because|Mostly, this is due to the fact that|People put this down to a reason that} {great|really good} turkish {cooks|chefs|butchers} {never|don’t|do not} seem to want to {emigrate|leave} their {own country|homeland}, and if {you have|youve|you’ve|one has} ever been to Turkey, you could really not blame them, it is amazingly beautiful there, from mountain skiing to the beaches of Bodrum, there is something for everyone!

But for those of us here in Dubai, what can we expect? Is there any good Doner Kebab, or are we resigned to eating only fast food ‘Gyro’ doner type places? I don’t know but I do know one thing, there is a great place right here: